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My HTPC maps my drives (automatically on boot) from my main computer so I can stream my videos to my TV. It works fine using ethernet. However I switched over to my wireless card and when I restart windows, after it boots, it pops up a message saying it was unable to map my network drives.

My assumption is that it can't connect to the wireless before it tries to map the drives, because right after it gives that message I can go to my computer and just click on the mapped drives and it will mount them properly.

Is there any way to have windows delay trying to map the drives until after I get the wireless up?

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Suprising that this issue hasn't been addressed yet.

This post in 2004 asks the same thing and gets the answer of writing a delayed batch script. Have a read, it's answer should be still applicable to you.

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You could always map your drives with a delayed batch script? :)

see this link to create a startup script in win 7

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