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It's the default image viewer for Ubuntu, and apparently it's called Eye of Gnome. I would like to be able to launch it from the command line, passing it a file name to open.

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Thanks for asking and answering this question! I always forget the name of this program. – orlenko Jun 16 '13 at 22:08
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The command to use is eog (Eye of GNOME). And you call it like so:

eog filename
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I came here looking for eye of mate, which is the command eom filename hope that helps anyone else – EdgeCaseBerg Oct 3 '14 at 13:41

As long as you use Gnome and eog is your default image viewer, you can use the command gnome-open as:

gnome-open filename

Equivalent xdg-open command for Xfce users:

xdg-open filename
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For Fedora you can use shotwell filename.

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