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Intelligent file copy/move software ?

We're all aware of how bad Windows file copy is. From copies in progress dying if network connectivity is lost, to poorly managed copies and inefficiently using resources.

What application do you use to replace the default windows copy?

Please list one application per answer and give the reasons why you like it. If the application is already listed, upvote it and supply your reasons in the comments.

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I personally use Teracopy (Available on Ninite), Only started about a week ago and love it.

Not sure if it actually resumes from a network drop, but it seems to do everything else (including a detailed log and CRC checking which I love!).

Other than that, I use Robocopy from the command line.

My problem was that, I get slow copy speeds using the GUI in Windows when moving or copying from one network drive to another, and Teracopy simply works through this and does it well.

However, I have noticed the whilst Teracopy may be fast at doing its job, it does take a bit longer (all be it half a second or so) to actually start instead of using the standard windows copy/move, for this reason, I actually use the standard as my default and Teracopy for complicated directory structures (when you usually get one or two files that fail, I can just resume them) or for large network jobs.

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Yay for Robocopy! –  Kez Feb 4 '10 at 11:16

Lifehacker has covered this:

(Lifehacker doing a Top 5 list, who'dve thought it?!)

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I use the robust copier options of xplorer2.

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Total commander. Super-powerful, in-built ftp. Highly customizable.

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