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If I'm on the first tab, and I hit Ctrl+T, I want it to open next to (to the right of) the current tab. Is there an extension for this?

I think I want to change the closed tab ordering too... but I can never remember how I like it until I play with it. I think move to the left tab is what I like.

TabMixPlus gives me these options in FF, is there a similar extension available yet? Or some hidden options in Chrome?

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This is not (yet) a configurable option, and it would not be possible to make an extension for this at this time. Chrome extensions (unlike Firefox ones) cannot alter the behavior of the actual browser, so this sort of thing won't be possible until (if) Google changes the way their extension system works. You'll have to use @Michelle's workaround until then.

Edit: It looks like there is now an extension that does this: Tab to the next. Also, TabsPlus selects the last-used tab after you close the current one, if that's what you're interested in.

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If you right click on a tab, and select "New tab", the new tab will open immediately to the right of the tab you clicked.

Give it a try. There's more options there you might find useful.

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Well, the whole point of this in the first place is convenience and speed. Having to right click kind of negates that. But good to know. – mpen Feb 4 '10 at 23:49

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