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When I rename a virtual machine in vmware workstation, the old file names (e.g.: the hard drive file name) remains.

How do I manually rename these without messing up the virtual machine?

I'm not using the newest vmware workstation version.

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The vmx file that stores the virtual machine's configuration is a just a text file. You can just rename all of the vm's files and then edit the vmx to point to those files.

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If you are running vmware workstation 8, you can use the cloning function (VM-> Manage -> Clone), you can then give a new name to the cloned VM.

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This does not rename the VMDK (hard-drive / disk) file names. –  Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Apr 10 at 13:12

I use the import option to do this. This way I can keep a base VM on a share someplace called base-XP or whatever, then when I need a new test VM, I do an import and the disks are named according to the setting I specify when going through the import wizard.

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