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I have a DVD that I'd like to watch on my iPod touch. Can I use normal PC ripping software or is there something special I need to do to get iTunes to sync it to my iPod?

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There is a good article on LifeHacker on how to do that with Handbrake

The free, cross-platform HandBrake makes ripping DVDs to a bevy of useful, playable file formats a cinch, with support for iPods, PSPs, Apple TVs, PS3s, and pretty much any other format your device requires. It's fast, free, and takes the difficulty out of both ripping and transcoding.

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I use AnyDVD to remove the copy-protection and Handbrake to rip it to an iPhone compatible size and format. Then I drag it into iTunes to put the resulting video on my iPhone.

It should work exactly the same for your iPod Touch.

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