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How to continue downloading .part file. I am downloading a trial of windows home server but when I turned the computer on. It said that the download could not continue. How can I continue it?

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Most download accelerators create a PARTial file while they are working with the download.

  • It is important that the context of the download be retained to successfully continue later.
    So, just having the '.part' file handy will not be sufficient.
    As an example, I usually divert all my downloads from firefox to an accelerator which also creates partial files in progress. I can pause any download, completely shutdown the browser and my machine to continue from there in another session.
  • Another catch here is, the server hosting such a file should be able to support a 'continue' option.
    Some servers will not allow a continue and the entire file will need to be downloaded again.
    However, i do not expect the windows download servers to have this limitation
    The firefox example I gave earlier does not work on some servers...
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If your GUI program that created your partfile doesn't offer you a way to continue the download, you can try to resume it from the command line with wget (I think you can get that on Windows).

wget --continue YOUR_URL -O YOUR_PART_FILE

The result will depend if the part file is trivial, i.e., something akin to what wget would create in the first place and on the capabilities of your file server.

Before trying this, you should back up your partfile (if you've been waiting on it for a long time) and once finished (if it picks up), it might be a good idea to run some checksum on it, if that is available so you know finished download is in an OK condition.

This has worked for me with chromium's partfiles on Linux.

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