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i'm using ubuntu 8.10 . now i updated firefox it doesn't result any error. when i open it the back,refresh buttons are not working and always shows "Your browser has been updated and needs to be restarted". Can anyone know the problem . if i need to reinstall what commands to execute because im beginner to ubuntu.

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ubuntu 8.10 is out of date,download the latest version of ubuntu – Mahmoud Hossam Feb 5 '10 at 12:17
Did you update the browser using the package management system? – Bobby Jul 1 '10 at 8:12

First, make sure Firefox is closed. ALT+F2: killall -9 firefox. After that, try it again. If its not working, move your .mozilla folder. (And export your settings, etc.) >> IN a terminal: mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.old (Later, you can try copying back some necessary stuff of yours. OR you can try Weave extension.)

Phobia: It happens when only 8.10 works, or 9.04, etc. Someone just cant change. Thats how is it goes on linux.

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