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There's "cleartool" - console interface for ClearCase. How to interact with ClearQuest from console?

Example of sequense I want to be able to script:

  1. Open ClearQuest
  2. Press "New UnitOfWork" toolbar item
  3. Fill the GUI form of text fields and combo boxes.
  4. Press "OK" button

I don't want the command line interface to be too deviant from GUI.

I expect it to be something like:

clearquesttool (server,database,user,password) add --type=UnitOfWork --workload=30m --project="Some name I see in GUI" --activity="Defect fixing"
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There is the ClearQuest tool cqtool which has a submit subcommand. It has the following syntax:

submit [common options] [-field name value [ value value ...] ] [-f/ield name value [ value value ... ] [-ask] [-type record_type]

So you would want to do something like this:

cqtool submit -type UnitOfWork -f workload 30m -f project "Some name I see in GUI" -f activity "Defect fixing"

Update: cqtool is available on UNIX platforms only in version 2003; in 7.1 it is available on all supported platforms - ClearQuest FAQ

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Yes, we have version 2003. But coLinux should satisfy "UNIX platforms" requirement, shouldn't it? (looking for where to download it) – Vi. Feb 5 '10 at 23:34
If you can get it to install on coLinux, I would expect it to work just as it would on any other Linux. – heavyd Feb 5 '10 at 23:40

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