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I received a new HDD from my uncle, RAW file system. Tried CHKDSK, but it didn't work because of the RAW file system.

enter image description here


I ran SpinRite 6 overnight and it got nowhere. Stayed at 0% for the whole 10 hours. SpinRite also gave me a notification that this drive is most probably toast. I think I am going to throw this drive away.

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If you can't successfully format the drive, the likelihood of it being a bad (failed) HDD is pretty high.

To be totally sure, I'd try formatting it on another PC -- either by hooking it up via SATA directly or using a USB enclosure.

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Most hard drive manufacturers offer a drive diagnostic program for download, which can help verify whether it is a defective drive.

I would also try swapping out the cable (especially if it's parallel ATA), and try a different controller/port/PC, just to double-check that the drive is at fault.

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