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How to make MS Paint (Windows XP) to use lower case file extensions when saving files? I mean setting the default behaviour when I don't enter the extension explicitly.

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try to see questions of how to change default format in paint and apply it to your problem (perhaps creating a shortcut to mspaint with a blank image as parameter, that has lowercase file extension, can solve it). – kokbira May 18 '11 at 11:51
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The default extensions used in the standard Open/Save dialogs are controlled by each application.

In this case, unfortunately, they are hard-coded inside the MS Paint executable. There's no way to change them, except from hex-editing mspaint.exe (not for the faint of heart).

I would suggest using a file renaming utility to change the letter case of the extensions.

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On Windows Vista they all default to lower-case. I'm guessing you want this because you are going to use the files on the web or on a Linux box? If not, windows is case insensitive so it doesn't make a real difference apart from aesthetics.

Note, don't do these unless you really know what your doing

Try searching your registry for 'BMP' and/or 'paint' is it could be a registry setting.

If it isn't, then it would be set in the mspaint exe or associated DLL and would require a Hex-editor to change it.

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"I'm guessing you want this because you are going to use the files on the web " Yes, that is my goal. So as I see, the only way to do it is by making change to paint executable. – Davvid Feb 7 '10 at 9:27

. Right click on the said file . click on rename . rename the extension .JPG to .jpg . refresh the page and yiu should have a lower extension


. Open document in paint . Save as name.jpg in the filename box . refresh page and you are done

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