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So, I have two different computers running Windows 7... one is a laptop running the 7 Ultimate RC 32-bit and the other is a desktop running Professional 64-bit. The laptop has the usual games that come with 7, and the first installation of the 7 Professional 64-bit on the desktop had the games as well. But after reformatting my hard drive and doing a second clean install of 7 Professional 64-bit on my desktop, there were no games whatsoever.

What could be the cause of the inconsistency and where would I be able to get these games without doing another clean install? (My mom loves Freecell. =P)

Thanks in advance!

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As far as I know, the games aren't installed in clean installs. They are usually enabled when manf send out their laptop, along with their drivers, bloatware, etc.

Start > Control Panel Search "Games" Click "Turn Windows Features on or off" "Games" are at the top. You can select all of them or individual ones.

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Thanks alot! I see alot of other features in here that I can enable/disable too. Thanks! – Wesley Feb 7 '10 at 1:14

I've no idea about the cause, but you should be able to install your games through the Control Panel => Programs and Features => There click "Turn Windows features on or off":

alt text

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