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My Toughbook (CF-19) has a 'Windows Vista Business OEMAct, Panasonic' COA on the bottom of the unit. When I extracted the key before reformatting - it was a 'Windows XP Professional' Product Name and the Product ID code has 'OEM' in it...and I can confirm this upgrade was last OS installed (w/ Service Pack 3) - but there was the tablet functionality.

This extracted product key isn't working with any version of Windows I try installing. XP Pro, XP Pro Tablet 2005 OEM, Tablet XP OEM. Any insights?

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Most likely it was licensed for Windows Vista but you/Panasonic used "Downgrade rights" to use XP Tablet Edition / Professional with tablet like programs.

The edition of Windows was not a straight forward OEM off the shelf copy but limited to disks from Panasonic. I would check to see if they gave you any media or recovery disks and if not, try and get a duplicate one from them.

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To Our Valued Customers,

Some questions have arisen as to the Panasonic policy on providing “Microsoft Windows Vista including a downgrade right to Windows XP Professional” (Vista downgrade). This will explain our implementation of Microsoft’s program, announced in Sept. 2007 and first implemented by PCSC in November, 2007. This program will be in effect until, at least, April 21, 2010.

  • Panasonic Toughbook laptops no longer come with a Windows XP license. All systems are shipped with a Windows Vista license (and Certificate of Authenticity, or COA). However, Windows XP can be installed on the system prior to being shipped to the customer through the “Vista downgrade” program.

  • Panasonic Toughbook laptops that ship with a “Vista downgrade” will have a Windows XP factory image loaded on the unit’s hard disk drive. They will ship with a Windows Vista Certificate of Authenticity (COA), as well as Windows XP recovery CD and a Windows Vista Recovery CD. This will allow a user to restore the XP image or upgrade to a Windows Vista Business standard factory load.

  • The user license will be for Windows Vista Business (as shown on the COA) but the user is granted downgrade rights to use Windows XP Professional. There will be NO Windows XP license key with these models. Panasonic may not provide an XP license key. Users must use their existing corporate license or contact Microsoft to obtain one, if needed.

  • Customers must use the Panasonic Windows XP recovery CD to install the Windows XP operating system. If the recovery CD is not used, the customer may be prompted to provide a Windows XP license key. Panasonic may not provide a Windows XP license key. Microsoft must be contacted to obtain a Windows XP license key.

  • The Windows logo sticker on the wrist rest of the Toughbook laptop will show Windows Vista as the OS on the unit, but the OS that boots up on the machine will be Windows XP. Units with the Vista downgrade can be identified with a part number that ends in the letters “AM”. (Units loaded with Windows Vista, and without a downgrade, end in “JM”.)

  • All current Panasonic Toughbook laptops are available with either of the Windows operating systems. The Vista downgrade program is being offered by Panasonic in cooperation with Microsoft to meet the needs of users who are not yet ready to transition to Windows Vista and desire a Windows XP solution for the current acquisitions. Panasonic Computer Solutions Company August, 2009

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