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What's the best extension to make firefox' home page look like chrome's? I'm specifically interested in the shortcuts for the most visited websites.

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The Speed Dial extension lets you add thumbnails for whichever shortcuts you want (I don't think Chrome can do this), but it won't arrange them by usage count.

New Tab King will list the most-recently used sites, closed tabs, and suggested sites; but it doesn't show thumbnails for the pages.

The closest thing to Chrome's layout is Jump Start

alt text

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If you install the Google Toolbar for Firefox, you can enable the "new tab page" feature.

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Thanks! I chose the other answer, though, because I don't want a toolbar :) – Peltier Feb 8 '10 at 13:30
Well, you can hide the toolbar :) – Alexey Romanov Feb 10 '10 at 15:18

While not quite the same, I use Taboo to provide thumbnailed shortcuts, and have this Taboo page set as my homepage. The key difference is that you decide on the Taboo links - it doesn't calculate the most popular links, so it's similar in UI if not quite the same in practice.

Personally, I prefer this to Chrome because the links are fixed - I find it slightly annoying in Chrome knowing that a given link will be on the front page, but not quite sure what position it is in.


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Try the Foxtab firefox addon, you can add website thumbnails of your favourite sites to homepage and also shuffle tabs in 3-D. It features a lot of customizations.

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Two customizable firefox start/home page:
(Update, note to avoid down vote: they aren't like chrome, but are superior solutions if you want to choose what's displayed)

Extension Desktop:

  • Add thumbnails to new tabs
  • Align them by drag&drop
  • Create sub-folders
  • Sync layout using extensions like XMarks or Weave
  • Add your own search engines*

(*I use many search engines with Add to Search Bar & Organize Search Engines)

alt text

Web site: Symbaloo

alt text

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