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I have 2 sheets in excel, each with 10 rows. Is there some sort of "cross-join" formula/macro in Excel that allows me to create a 3rd sheet with all rows cross-joined (100 rows in total).

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This article contains a script that might help :

Need a cross join of the rows from two excel sheets

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If using OLEDB is not an options below function can be used to generate cross product

Option Base 1

Function Cross_Product_range(r1 As Range, r2 As Range) As Variant
    Cross_Product_range = Cross_Product_array(r1.Value, r2.Value)
End Function

Function Cross_Product_array(a1 As Variant, a2 As Variant) As Variant
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim TempArray(), k, m
    ReDim TempArray(UBound(a1) * UBound(a2), UBound(a1, 2) + UBound(a2, 2))
    k = 1
    For i = 1 To UBound(a1)
        For j = 1 To UBound(a2)
            m = 1
            For u = 1 To UBound(a1, 2)
                TempArray(k, m) = a1(i, u)
                m = m + 1
            For u = 1 To UBound(a2, 2)
                TempArray(k, m) = a2(j, u)
                m = m + 1
            k = k + 1
    Cross_Product_array = TempArray
    Exit Function
    Debug.Print Err
End Function

Once above function is added to vba module, To produce cross product of A1:B5 and C1:D5 select target cells (say E1:H25) and enter formula and use ctrl + shift + enter

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