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Does anymone show me a script sample using the software "ZOC Terminal" (version 6.2) to perform an simple automatic action on a router, let's say a reboot or change of daylight savings time or something like that.

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REXX script:

/* REXX: reboot.zrx */
connectip= ""
connectname= "ROUTERNAME"
connectpassword= "telnetpassword"
enablepassword= "enablepass"
CALL rebootrouter

CALL ZocConnect connectip
CALL ZocWait "Password:"
CALL ZocSend connectpassword||"^M"
CALL ZocWait ">"
CALL ZocSend "enable^M"
CALL ZocWait "Password:"
CALL ZocSend enablepassword||"^M"
CALL ZocWait "#"
CALL ZocSend "reload"
CALL ZocWait "]"
CALL ZocSend "y^M"
CALL ZocWait "]"
CALL ZocSend "y^M"

(Shamelessly stol.. umm borrowed from here and posted with a few beautifications)

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From user Duane Richards: This also works in ZOC version 7.06.1. – fixer1234 Feb 22 at 20:21

While this sounds like a question for ServerFault, I've used Expect to do things like this in the past.

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