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when I program I like to see as much code as possible in my editor. Latest high res displays are great to get a lot of lines in, but wouldn't it be even better if I could run a 1920x1080 dispay in portrait mode?

Anybody know if full HD, portrait-orientable displays exist out there? Looking for 20-22 inch.


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I'm using 2 of thoses EV2303W ! They aren't cheap, but you won't regret to invest into a high end display ! You can put them in portrait mode !

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Quality Kami, that is EXACTLY what I need. Thanks. – Thomas Browne Feb 8 '10 at 22:04

The NEC2490WUXI should offer pivot and has an excellent view. Otherwise have a look at this list:

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Dell do these kinds of monitors too. Here is an example after a quick search. It's not full HD but I'm sure with some longer searching you will find one that is.

alt text

alt text

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