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I have all my itunes music on my nas at home. I want to be able to listen to it at work. What's a good method to do this?

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Here are some solutions :

  • Setup a VPN server on you home linux server (openvpn). So you can add your library in itunes at work in the same way you do at home.
  • Install avahi and netatalk will make a convenient file sharing over AFP if you're using a mac
  • Setup apache and a web based application that will let you play music in your webbrowser
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For the web based you can use a shoutcast server. – MrStatic Feb 8 '10 at 23:58

I like Music Player Daemon. It's lightweight, and trivial to use with a good client (such as mpc or sonata). Just network mount your nas on your linux server somewhere, and point mpc to it. The Archlinux wiki has a great article on setting it all up.

[Edit]: Incidentally, MPD is pretty good locally too.

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In addition to the suggestions by Kami you could share the music via a DAAP server like Firefly. You should also set up a VPN network to provide authentification.

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