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Last week I tried Net Profiles to switch between my connection settings (DNS, proxy etc.) easier but then I decided to uninstall the program. After uninstallation, I realized that Firefox connection settings are always automatically switched to No Proxy. Now I have to change it to Automatic Proxy Configuration URL option manually every time I start Firefox. I guess this behavior was caused by the uninstalled program Net Profiles. How can I correct this?


alt text

alt text

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This is a known Net Profiles error, the official workaround (one simpler than reinstalling Net Profiles) can be found here:

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Same problem here. U can temporarily fix it in Internet Tab in Network Profiles. Just click the Clear Firefox Settings button. Then U should have rights to edit proxy settings in browser.

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OK, I found a solution:

  1. I re-installed Net Profiles. My previous profiles were there.
  2. Then I deleted them all.
  3. I created a new profile and in that profile, I clicked on "Clear settings for Firefox".
  4. I opened Firefox' connection settings and selected my "Automatic proxy configuration URL".
  5. In Net Profiles, I clicked on "Get current settings".
  6. I uninstalled Net Profiles.
  7. I restarted Firefox, and the problem is solved. That's all.
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