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I'm looking for something like MaxiVista that lets you extend your monitor to a second computer monitor. However Maxivista is only Windows base. My main computer is Windows 7 and the other computer I'm trying to connect to is a Mac. Note I am not trying to share my keyboard or mouse, I want to use the Mac as a third display.

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I try several things and I found a working solution using MaxiVista :

On the Mac computer :

  • Download WineBottler.
  • Copy Wine to Applications folder and start it.
  • You do not need to install any WineTricks, just close that window.
  • Add a new prefix (that is where the fake C drive will be created) then wait until its successful creation.
  • Close all Wine related windows.

  • Download MaxiVista 32-bit.

  • Unzip and double click Maxivista_Setup_SecondaryPC.exe (this should open Wine)
  • On the appearing Wine window, choose Run directly in : then click Go.
  • Proceed to MaxiVista install in Wine environment.
  • Dont care about the Unable to execute file C:\windows\system32\netsh error.
  • Turn on MaxiVista autostart.

  • Turn off Firewall, if started.

  • Go to X11 Preferences, Output tab then activate Full-screen mode.
  • Toggle Full-screen mode cmd-alt-a.
  • You'll see a black&white background and a little window with MaxiVista icon in it.

On the PC computer :

  • Download and install MaxiVista.
  • Configure it as needed.
  • When your wallpaper appears on the Mac, stretch the window on the Mac to fit your screen.

I know this isn't really full screen, but it's the best I can do. (You'll only see the top bar and arrows on the right/down)

Maybe, you can try to better simulate full screen mode with plugins like MegaZoomer, but I don't know if this works.

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