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I know Windows XP and previous had an rsm.exe file in the <root>\windows\system32 folder that could be used to manage media. I used this command in batch files and from the command line to eject external disks (iPod, CF cardreader, etc.).

This utility appears not to be included in Windows 7, and I wonder if there is some replacement utility that will allow the same thing. I've been unable to find any such thing.

I'm aware of the 3rd party utilities; this question is only about what is included with Windows 7.

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Copy rsm.exe from an earlier version of windows onto 7? – Moshe May 9 '10 at 6:10

I've used USB Disk Ejector in the past, for a backup-to-USB script I made ages ago.

Using a few of the adjectives used on their website, the reasons I liked it was: It is quick, simple, small and open source - and it can be run from command line.

You can unmount a drive simply by running:

USB_Disk_Eject.exe /removeletter X:
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It can be done using Windows Scripting. See this answer. Caveat, I haven't tried it in 7.

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Thank you... this seems to apply only to optical media drives, as it uses Windows Media Player. – Jay Feb 10 '10 at 20:13
Guess I didn't fully read your question and that answer at the same time. My answer (using rsm.exe in a batch file) to that question can eject USB/iPod etc. but was "not as good" as the accepted answer, so I assumed the accepted answer would be better for you as well. Now I'm curious to see if this can be done in Win7. – skypecakes Feb 12 '10 at 20:30

Another tool:

This one can give you %errorlevel% in a batch file, in case you need it.

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