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By default, the function keys on my MacBook Pro control various hardware features and native operating system applications like the brightness of the LCD, Expose, or iTunes. I like these buttons and can use the fn button to take advantage of application Function keys when working with certain applications. Some service-type, background applications also have useful keyboard shortcuts. I tend to forget which keys are active at the moment and sometimes launch the wrong processes.

Is there an application or operating system, native way of identifying all of the currently available keyboard shortcuts?

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KeyCue is what you're looking for. It lets you configure how long the Command key should be pressed before it brings an overlay showing you both system- and application-level shortcuts.

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Oh wow! That's exactly what I want. Thank you. – Michael Prescott May 21 '10 at 17:09

By 'identify the currently available keyboard shortcuts', do you mean a list of the shortcuts and the application they are assigned to?

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Yes, sort of. Some keyboard shortcuts are available even if the application that they control doesn't have focus. I may start-up other applications that also use those same keyboard shortcuts. It isn't until I try to use a shortcut that I find it has been overriden. I'd like an automatic or scripted way to list currently active shortcuts and the applications they are assigned to. – Michael Prescott Feb 22 '10 at 22:19

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