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I purchased a TV Show season pass on the iTunes Store for the HD version of a show.

It started downloading immediately, which is great - however, it also decided that I would want the SD versions as well?!

Why? Is this normal? Does iTunes always bundle the SD versions when you buy HD versions? How can I stop iTunes from trying to download the SD version each time I open it?

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This is normal - the SD version is for the iPod/iPhone (smaller file size). AFAIK there is no option to prevent download of the SD version.

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Thanks for the quick answer. iTunes can be a pain in the ass sometimes... Oh well. – Jasarien Feb 10 '10 at 0:41

The behavior has changed.

  • Open the download window
  • stop/hold the downloads you want to delete.
  • Select all the downloads you wish to delete.
  • right click on one of them, choose delete.

The downloads will disappear from the list. It is necessary to stop the download before deleting it. Otherwise, choosing delete will just stop the download.

This will prevent iTunes from loading the SD versions on startup, however, you need to follow this procedure for every new purchase of a season pass.

If you want to download the SD version later, you can do that by simply searching for available downloads.

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