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After opening this link, Quicktime automatically starts playing this song.

How can I make my browser download the song instead of playing it in Quicktime?

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It depends on the browser's terminology, but when you right click an mp3 link there will be an option such as Save Link As... or Save Target As... or Save Linked File As.... This option will allow you to save the file rather than having the browser attempt to play it with the default application.

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Also, an ⌥-click works in some browsers. – fideli Feb 10 '10 at 5:37

Also, it depends on what the browser is set to do with that particular type of file. For instance, see in Firefox, Tools > Options > Applications tab.

enter image description here

(Feel free to expand my answer here. I think some more could be said about browsers and MIME types - not that I really know much about it.)

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