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Norton/Roxio's GoBack doesn't work with Vista/7 for reasons unknown. I have tried several alternatives (Norton Ghost, RollbackRX, Norton Save and Restore), none of which offer the same functionality as GoBack. Not only does GoBack not eat up all your hard drive space while creating a legitimate fail safe for any pc problems, it also allows you to see ACTIVELY EXACTLY WHAT PROCESS ARE BEING EXECUTED ON YOUR COMPUTER. This feature (called Advanced Disk Drive Restore) also allows you to troubleshoot problems and determine causes for things in about half a second by seeing what is happening on your machine. It's how I learned everything I know about computers.

GoBack also features something called Safe Try Mode where you can put it in SafeTry and then mess up the whole computer and when you come out of it, your computer will be exactly how it was before. Amazing for people who like to tinker without risking their machine stability. It also helps for that accidentally erased paper or whatever you may have erased.

I believe GoBack installs a type44 partition around the drive, which loads prior to windows to allow this functionality.

If you're going to recommend another program, please don't (unless it does all of the above). I've tried all the competition and nothing is as good. I just want my GoBack to work with 7 :) Any ideas of crazy ways to make this work?

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I searched the Symantec website for Norton GoBack; the query returned this: Norton GoBack has been replaced by Norton Ghost 15 (searchg.symantec.com/…). Might want to check out Norton Ghost. I doubt you can make GoBack work with Vista or 7 and it's basically been discontinued. –  alex Feb 10 '10 at 7:33
He does mention he tried it, though I'm sure you're right that there is a succesor –  Ivo Flipse Feb 10 '10 at 7:38
Ghost doesn't have the same functionality at all. Even if I was ok with only having file backup as the functionality, ghost doesn't work in real time, meaning it won't help you if a problem prevents your computer from booting. Also, it does a whole disk copy each time, so a 150GB hard drive takes 150GB to back up. Even with a 300GB laptop hard drive that gives you one backup before everything is full. GoBack only records changes to the filesystem, meaning its be much less of a space hog. –  dfree Feb 10 '10 at 15:31

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I feel your pain ... I have looked extensively for a GoBack replacement to no avail. It is the reason I still have several PC's on WinXP.

For my Win7 machines I am using Acronis True Image... Nowhere near as good as goback, but its the closest I could find. It gives you a restore point every 5 minutes and you can get files back (like with goback) with its "continuous backup".

Also, I use "System Change Log" by greyware.com to get close to the troubleshooting functionality of goback's advanced restore features by showing every change to your hard drive.

Please post back if you find out how to get it working on Win7


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Use GoBack even though you have Windows 7 installed. This can be done by making a partition on the hard drive and installing Windows XP on it.

GoBack makes a backup image of the hard drives you select on installation, so if you mess up your computer you can simply start up with Windows XP, run GoBack and restore the partition where Windows 7 is installed to a time before you mess it up.

It's a lot of hassle but it's the only way I have found to fix errors with GoBack on Windows 7.

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