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Hi there!

I'm very confused about my motherboard (ConRoe945PL-GLAN) It's manual says, that i can use only some kind of ConRoe processors. But some pages on internet says that i can plug in almost everything.

For ex.: says that i can plug in even Core 2 Duo.

It would be awesome if i would not have to buy new motherboard!

Anyway, if my motherboard will not let me to plug in Core 2 Duo, should i buy Pentium 4 (very cheap) with 3,2 GHz and insanely overclock it to have some performance or buy new motherboard + new processor for big money?

THX for any answers! =)

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Your processor socket supports Core 2 Duo

LGA 775 for Intel® Core™ 2 Duo / Pentium® D / Pentium® 4 / Celeron® D processors

Edit: However make sure it's a Conroe version, but you don't have to pick a Pentium or buy a new motherboard.

Here's an overview of LGA 775 compatible processors available on

Personally I would recommend the E8400, since it has a very good price quality ratio.

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agreed. clock for clock, the Wolfdales rival Corei7 in singlethreaded benchmarks. The E8400/E8500/E8600 also overclock to unholy mid 4ghz speeds. – NoCarrier Feb 10 '10 at 17:38
+1. Conroe is a Core 2 Duo CPU core variant. While an E8XXX processor should work, if your manual explicitly specifies "Conroe", it might need a BIOS update first. If in doubt, though, you would definitely be able to make a Core 2 Duo with an E4XXX or E6XXX model number work. It'll still be a huge performance boost from a Pentium 4, that no amount of sane overclocking could top. – Dylan B. Apr 27 '10 at 8:46
But later on it says: "This motherboard supports FSB800-CPU. If you plan to adopt Core™ 2 Duo CPU on this motherboard, you can only adopt Conroe 800 E4XXX processors." So the OP should be careful not to use just any Core 2 Duo, it has to be a Conroe one (they say). – T.J. Crowder May 28 '10 at 5:47
Thanks, I edited it into the question @T.J. Crowder – Ivo Flipse May 28 '10 at 7:34

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