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I created a new profile on firefox for testing reasons. I notice no addons except Skype is on it.

How do i set up addons to work across profiles?

I have about 10 and I'd rather not download them again for every profile.

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What OS and Firefox version are you using? – Ivo Flipse Feb 11 '10 at 12:14
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Basically you need to download the .xpi for the extension you want to install. Then run the following command:

\path\to\firefox -install-global-extension \path\to\extension.xpi

I don't know if you can make already installed extensions global after they are installed. Perhaps a combination of this approach with @ChrisF's answer would solve that problem.

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Would the FEBE extension be of any use?

It's primarily for backing up and restoring profiles, but it states:

Now you can easily synchronize your office and home browsers.

so I would have thought that you can synchronise different profiles on the same computer as well.

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