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I have an external hard drive with two partitions, both of them are clear, there is no data on them. How can I merge the two partitions together to form one again? The file system is not NTFS.

This is probably a stupid question, yet I could find nothing about it on the web :S

Thanks a lot!

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You will want to use the Disk Utility(use the Spotlight to find) to delete one of the partions, then re-size the first one to occupy all of the free space. A good tutorial on how to use the Disk Utility to resize a partition can be found here.

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If you're having any problems using Disk Utility, then repair the drives using Disk Utility. You can also use iPartition but for a simple case like this there's no need to pay for 3rd party tools. – alimack Feb 18 '10 at 10:06

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