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I've noticed that my keyboard gets disconnected in the middle of work. It won't respond to commands. The indicators for NumLock & CapsLock will go off. When I uninstall and reinstall the drivers through Device Manager and restart the computer the keyboard will once again come to life.

Is this due to a virus? Somebody please help me overcome the problem if it is not a virus.

keyboard: TVS Gold Mechanical
OS: WinXP Pro SP2
AVG Pro Antivirus
AMD Dual Core + ASUS MB

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It's very unlikely that this is due to a virus or malware.
A few things to try.

  • Verify that you have downloaded the latest drivers.

To check if there is a problem with the keyboard itself.

  • Test it on another USB port.
  • Test it on another computer.

To check if there is a problem with the computer.

  • Test the computer with another keyboard.
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