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I have 4 avi files. Each file can be played properly in VLC player, Windows media player. Video-Audio Codec type in each of this avi file is Xvid-Mpga.

I used below avi joiners: Quick AVI joiner, AVI join, BoilSoft Video Joiner(trial version), but all of them gave an error when i select the first part avi file saying :

"format of the part1.avi file cannot be recognized"..

What could be the problem.

How do i join these AVI files.

Any pointers will help.



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Even if VLC can play it there might be something broken in the avi file. Try fixing it, here are a few tips – Nifle Feb 11 '10 at 17:44

To join two files, they must have matching codecs, framerate and resolution. Try VirtualDub (you can follow this tutorial) - if these prerequisites are met AND you have proper decoder installed, it should perform without problems.

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Great call, VirtualDub is an indispensable "Swiss Army Knife" of AVI tools. It is also available as a portable app if you want to try it before a full install. – Dennis Mar 13 '10 at 22:05

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