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I've made a site for a charity, and now have to move hosting for them. They have 5 or so email addresses on their current hosting account, which will of course need to move too.

What's the best way to migrate their email addresses to the new server without too much hassle for them?

They use POP3, so should I just create the account on the new server and then get them to update their settings? That won't remove their old emails from Outlook Express, will it?

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Changing the server Outlook Express connections to shouldn't delete the old e-mails. However, if you are worried take a backup copy of the old pst file first.

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When you move email hosts there are problems. 1 you have to keep the old mail boxes open so that all the senders to that email account still get delivered. an overlap of at least 12 months and an email out asking recipients to change to your new address. 2 open the new accounts and test them 3 reconfigure the mail clients(outlook) so as to only collect from the new email addresses 4 program the old mail server to redirect the mail from each account to its new address.

its not rocket science but can make your head hurt!

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The OP was asking to change the mail server, keeping the old addresses. –  ataulm Aug 6 '11 at 11:19

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