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I have asked this question before but it seems that you misunderstood it for an rss reader. What I want to know is the software that can read to me the contents of the rss feeds, so that I won't have to read, I'll just listen to what the speaker will say. And please I want the free software.

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What platform do you want your software for ? – Studer Feb 12 '10 at 23:06
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TextAloud will also do what you want.

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Ivona Reader is a text to speech software with RSS support.

  • Aloud text reading from any program and any file,
  • Converting text into mp3 files for later listening,
  • Adjust reading speed, pitch, and pronunciation,
  • Integration with any application,
  • Webpages reader,
  • Emails reader,
  • RSS reader,
  • Organizer and reminder,
  • A professional film voice talent,
  • Simple activation of aquired IVONA voices,
  • Supporting of all SAPI5 voices,
  • Easy installation.

Ivona reader costs $29

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