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Hi I have a laptop running windows vista home and I don't have the installation DVD because it's came pre-installed , i want now to format the partition whish contains the OS but the windows does not let me because it's running from it . Is there a solution to do this? And i don't prefer to install third party softwares.

Maybe by doing a file contains command line that is executed to format the particion c: before windows starts


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But if you install third-party software for this task, it will be gone when you format the disk! – pavium Feb 13 '10 at 0:26

What is your goal? You just want to erase the entire PC before giving/selling/throwing it away? There are many tools that do this, one example is DBAN, you just run it from a Floppy or a CD.

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BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! You will erase data.

Download and boot from a free utility CD like GParted. It can create partitions, and I think even format NTFS partitions.

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