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I've just installed nexus dock (a similar application like rocketdock), after playing with the preferences i've come across a very curious option (under position & behavior) that says: Prevent maximized windows from overlapping the dock. With it enabled, any application I maximize(and i do mean any) won't overlap the dock, it's really great. So i'm thinking perhaps there's a software that does this kind of feature which is really ideal for keeping my workspace really organized. I really hate repositioning and resizing my windows everytime. Of course there's always the manual way of doing these but it's just too much of a bother when someone from the family uses the computer.

Do you know any software that does this? even a software that can just save/remember window positions would also be nice too.

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you should check out possible duplicate – n611x007 Jan 3 '13 at 17:04

It sounds like you're looking for a Tiling Window Manager. Windows doesn't include this in any real usable way but it can be accomplished using 3rd party software.

In Windows I use Winsplit Revolution. It doesn't prevent overlapping but it does give you shortcut keys to snap windows to set positions on the screen. The shortcut keys and window positions are all configurable.

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