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Recently got Daniusoft Media Converter, and was about to strip the DRM off my iTunes library, then I found I had a huge decision to make.

Converting my music seems obvious, to MP3, however the video formats, I'm at a loss on.

It has "optimized" formats for all types of video players such as iPhone, Zune, Droid (which I own), and just a huge list!

I bought several seasons of House and a few movies, though I don't know which format would be optimal to not lose quality.

While I love my Droid, I have no intention on watching full episodes or movies on it, and I have a feeling that would reduce quality.

One of the options sections is HD Video, and it has HD MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4).

That one seems like it would be the best format to convert to without losing quality, but again, I'm unsure.

Has anyone used this software, or have general expertise in video formats to give a recommendation on what file format I should convert my videos to?

Format requirements:

No loss in quality Portability would be ideal (as in, will play on my Windows and potentially MAC, and streamable to a bigscreen).

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Explanation for down vote please? – Brett Allen Feb 14 '10 at 7:25
It wasn't me.. but my guess is that it was because you are removing DRM and therefore breaking a legal agreement. Personally I don't think you should be allowed to downvote without an explanation unless there is one already-explained downvote in place. – Mick Feb 14 '10 at 10:00
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Videos purchased from the iTunes Store are in a protected HD MPEG-4 format, with the video encoded at H.264 and the audio as AAC. Therefore, stripping the DRM and converting to that generic HD MPEG-4 video (with mp4 file extension) would probably be best for least loss of quality (if at all) and portability. You can always use Daniusoft again to convert to a specific format like PS3, Zune, etc.

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That's what I needed to know, thanks! – Brett Allen Feb 14 '10 at 7:23

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