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I am using mobile dial up on ubuntu.

However, SOMETIMES even though I am connected to the ISP, I do not have any entries in /etc/resolv.conf. I often restart network-manager or networking hoping it will change but normally it doesn't do any good. and by connected I mean I can see that the network notification icon has switched to a few bars indicating connectivity).

Anyone know a good solution around this?

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Make your own /etc/resolv.conf with publicly accessible DNS servers. For example, you could create a file /etc/resolv.conf.opendns with contents


and then

cp /etc/resolv.conf.opendns /etc/resolv.conf

to have your system use the OpenDNS servers. Of course, this doesn't tell you why the /etc/resolv.conf file is empty, but it should enable your machine to use DNS to resolve names.

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