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Recently YouTube and Vimeo added HTML5 players to their websites, with options to use them rather than the FLV video. I understand that HTML5 video is less CPU intensive, but what about bandwidth? So...

Given the same video on YouTube/Vimeo which format would be "cheaper" to view: HTML5 or FLV?

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FLV is a container, not a codec, and you can't embed FLV files directly in websites anyway. Maybe you're asking Flash vs HTML5? – Brendan Long Feb 15 '10 at 1:35
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Neither, it's totally dependant on the codec used, just as flash is. I believe they stream in the same format, though they don't have to.

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YouTube and Vimeo both use the H.264 codec for video, be it displayed via Flash or HTML5. You're downloading the same file either way - the only thing changing is the application that's playing that file

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