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I removed the MeMenu from the top bar in Ubuntu. I was thinking it would only remove the shutdown button, but it appears they are bundled together as one widget. Anyway, anyone know how to get this back on the menu.. I don't see it in the "Add to Panel.." list.

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It's called the "indicator applet session", you need to have the "indicator-me" package installed.

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Some how I lost the "Hibernate" option in the power down icon in Ubuntu 10.04. Just re-installing package "Indicator Applet session" did not restore "Hibernate".

Here is the solution which restored that item to the drop down list.

Using Synaptic Package Manager, I found the following three packages which I re-installed.

"indicator-me" "indicator-messages" "indicator-applet"

Having these re-installed, I then re-installed "indicator applet session"

rebooted the computer and did a login and the "Hibernate" option was now in the drop down menu list.

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