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I have two 160 gig SATA drives in a RAID 1 configuration.

The other day, I rebooted my PC and found that the RAID array had somehow spontaneously been split into two, i.e. each drive had its own array, each of which was listed as "Degraded".

One of the drives boots into Windows normally (although the first time I got the message "Windows has recovered from a serious error" ). The other drive fails to boot, so clearly has become out of sync with the first drive.

I've been advised to go into the RAID setup for the second disk and choose the "Clear Disk" option, then rebuild the array based on the contents of the first disk. Does anyone know how long this kind of thing typically takes? When I tried it, there was no on-screen indication that it was doing anything, and I couldn't hear any disk activity. It remained like this for 5 hours before I gave up and reset.

The motherboard is a MSI K8N Neo2.

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"Does anyone know how long this kind of thing typically takes?" how long is a piece of string? i.e. how big are the drives and more important, how much disk space is being used on the 'good' drive? also, SATA 3 is faster than SATA 2, which in turn is faster than SATA 1 :) – Molly7244 Feb 15 '10 at 2:34
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I finally gave this computer with no RAID setup to my nephew... I close this question since I've spent to much time on it! That almost got me nuts!

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