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Given this vim session:

% vim test-file.txt
iHello there!C-x C-s

How do I get back to insert/command mode again? (C-x C-s means Control-x Control-s, not sure if it's normal vi terminology for keyboard shortcuts)

I know there's some way to get out of this and into insert/command mode again, but I just can't remember how and searching Google or superuser hasn't yielded me anything.

This happens since I mostly use emacs, but I use vim for remote hosts where I don't have emacs installed. Occasionally I do this and I figured I should learn how to get out instead of just restarting the terminal every time.

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Aside: watch out for vim's decrement shortcut bound to C-x. I learned about this one the hard way. Full story on an old blog post:… – Doug Harris Feb 15 '10 at 17:19
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C-q. in a console C-s is scroll lock, resume is C-q

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<3 worked like a charm! – gaqzi Feb 15 '10 at 16:51

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