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I need to determine if Windows thinks that my SATA hard drives are "removable" or not. The problem is, its on a Hyper-V system, and I don't have access to the Disk Management GUI application. diskpart does not have this information, and I'm not sure where to turn now. How can I determine this via command line tools, or through PowerShell?

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This is very easy in PowerShell using the .NET Framework, I've just tested it on an external drive :)

PS C:\>$drive = New-Object"F:")
PS C:\>$drive.DriveType

You can also use WMI:

wmic:root\cli>logicaldisk get caption,drivetype
Caption  DriveType
C:       3
D:       5
E:       5
F:       2

Where drive types are:

0 - Unknown 
1 - No Root Directory 
2 - Removable Disk 
3 - Local Disk 
4 - Network Drive 
5 - Compact Disk 
6 - RAM Disk
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This looks promising. I'll test it out after work. – Jeff Shattock Feb 16 '10 at 13:54

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