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I need to have a serial port "shared" over the internet (may or may not be using a vpn) At one end is a windows box, at the other is a linux box, wich has the serial port

the linux box has no gui and is controlled over ssh only.

I would just run the proram i wanted over ssh, bt the program i want to use (br@y's terminal) is only available for windows. I am in the process of authoring my own program to replace the use of Br@y's However i am douptful of completeing it by friday when we have prduct prototype demonstation

I'm looking for a freeware (pref. open source) serail over IP program, (I think)

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so to clarify: you need a Windows terminal program that can access serial over IP, and you need a linux "connector" program that will supply the IP-to-serial endpoint. why not use SSH and run a terminal program on the linux box (minicom, etc)? –  quack quixote Feb 16 '10 at 4:21
Minicom does not meet my needs, it's really very much designed from modem communcation. It does not allow typed streams to be transmitted (esp not when typedin hex or deciaml) I am authoring my own program do do this, as i mentioned in the question –  Oxinabox Feb 16 '10 at 10:10
ah, ok, i've seen your other questions. but my comment really was trying to clarify: is this accurate? 'you need a Windows terminal program that can access serial over IP, and you need a linux "connector" program that will supply the IP-to-serial endpoint.' –  quack quixote Feb 16 '10 at 11:21
yeah, I think that what I want. I've actaully now finished authoring my program (though it's untested and i have limmited dev time before the demo). SO this discuassion becomes more academic. –  Oxinabox Feb 16 '10 at 14:31

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After some searching I found two neat sourceforge projects called Telnet Com Port Control Daemon and Serial Over IP which seem to be coded for this purpose.

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I am not sure about the words "serial over IP". I have a machine shop with 10 CNC machines that have serial ports.

We use a lava-link boxes to accomplish sending over any of several computers via ethernet to the lava-link boxes, which has serial ports coming out the other side of it which are hooked to the each machine.

Each lava-link has an IP address for each serial port. I send to an Adept robot the same way too.

It may take more than a couple of days to get a lava-link box in time for your demo (and it could be that I do not understand the question and this is not a solution at all).

It runs ssh and telnet and a few other protocols too. And we talk to the machines in both windows and Linux.

Would a hardware solution like this get serial data to your robot?

Link: http://lavalink.com/products/ether-serial-device-servers/

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