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What is the best way to capture clips from camcorders over firewire? When I did it last time 1+ year ago I used Kino and the raw1394 kernel driver. When I tried to do it this week with the latest kernel in testing (2.6.32 I believe), I noticed that the raw1394 module is not provided with the stock kernel any more.

Could someone suggest a way to capture clips without this driver?

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I would recommend dvgrab. Example:

dvgrab foo-

Captures video data from the default IEEE1394 source and stores it to files foo-001.avi, foo-002.avi, etc. To create a single mpeg file, you can pipe dvgrab to ffmpeg:

dvgrab -format dv1 - | ffmpeg -f dv -i - -target ntsc-vcd foo.mpg

See this post for some more examples

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