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I'm looking for a command-line style way of opening a new note in Outlook 2007.

It'll be executed from a .bat script.

Basically, is there some switch on outlook.exe or similar that I can use to get a new note?

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From the Office command line switch reference:

/c messageclass

Creates a new item of the specified message class (Outlook forms or any other valid MAPI form).


  • /c ipm.activity creates a Journal entry
  • /c ipm.appointment creates an appointment
  • /c creates a contact
  • /c ipm.note creates an e-mail message
  • /c ipm.stickynote creates a note
  • /c ipm.task creates a task

So this should do the trick

\Path\to\outlook.exe /c ipm.stickynote
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perfect! thanks – Matt Potts Feb 17 '10 at 11:12

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