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I have a Win7 laptop with dual monitors. The laptop display is disabled, and I use the monitors in extended view. Everytime the laptop sleeps or is undocked, the monitors reset position and resolution. I have removed the TMM file from the registry. Any suggestions how to keep the configuration from resetting each time?

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Please add some information on what laptop your using and what dock your using – Ivo Flipse Feb 16 '10 at 20:37

If you're using an IBM Thinkpad, you can press the Fn+F7 keys to choose Extended. This somehow remembers your previous Extended settings as this scenario happens with my laptop all the time.

EDIT: You can get to the same spot by going to the Control Panel, choosing Display, then clicking on the 'Connect to a Projector' link.

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I have seen this before on XP.try logging on with a different profile to see if it still happens. In my case it was a corrupted Xp user profile, or bad hardware profile. Let me know if this works

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