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I recently added the details of my php mvc framework to Sourceforge which can be found here:

I also added repository:

using TotoiseSVN.

Now i want to upload the files of my framework, but there is the option of uploading only single file at Sourceforge which is a headache. How do i upload multiple files or can i use TotoiseSVN for that if yes then how?

Basically the reason why i am uploading my framework there is that other developers from around the globe could participate in the further development of the project.

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use the svn import command or the import option in tortise (i assume there is one).

svn import -m "Initial import of framework files" /path/to/local/files
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@prodigitalson: thanks i hope that helps, thanks +1 – Sarfraz Feb 15 '10 at 17:17

Like said before, use an SVN client, I suggest Tortoise SVN

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