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I am using Windows 7 and recording some winter Olympics programs on TV. A lot of times, the programs can be 17GB or 25GB long. (now the extension is .wtv)

What if I want to just keep 2 minutes of the program, such as a Mogul Skiing run for the gold medal, or the Skating program which I like best?

I think Media Center doesn't have a built in tool to split a video. Are there tools that is easy and capable of doing it? a 2 minute program probably will be only 200MB for 1920 x 1080 resolution, and will be much easier to keep.

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You should (depending on which edition of Windows 7 you have) be able to right click on the .wtv files and "Convert to .dvr-ms format" or use a 3rd party tool like ToDVRMS

From Wikipedia DVR-MS:

Windows 7 includes built-in support for converting non copy-protected WTV files to DVR-MS.[9] Third party tools also exist to convert WTV to DVR-MS such as Andy VT's ToDVRMS

You can then edit the .dvr-ms using Windows Live Movie Maker

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great, turns out Movie Maker can actually take .wtv but it seems that if i export the TV as a 720p file, it is not as good quality as the original video shown by Media Center in a window that is about the size of 720p. –  動靜能量 Feb 17 '10 at 16:01
Play about with the encoding settings a bit - increase the bitrate, change the resize filter (if that is possible with Movie Maker?) If you leave it at 1080p then it shouldn't need to re-encode at all. –  Shevek Feb 17 '10 at 18:59

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