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In older versions of Ubuntu, mainly 8.04, I could encrypt en entire partition using LUKS, and mount it as /. the /boot directory was mounted on another partition.

At boot time, I had to enter my password to enable any access to anything other than /boot.

In Kubuntu 9.10, I only have the option to encrypt my /home/adam directory, which is a bit of a problem for me because I have sensitive data located in other directories.

Any ideas how to set up LUKS for the entire disk, preferably during installation?

Thanks in advance,


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Does this short discussion on Luks Encryption help you?

Update: 7 Steps To An Encrypted Partition

how to encrypt a local partition or a removable device (like a USB key). The steps used here will work for either type of device although you’ll need to replace your partition name and number for the examples provided here.

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Not completely - How do I practically create the encrypted volume? Using a live CD? If so, How do I install Kubuntu later? Does it recognize the LUKS partition during installation? – Adam Matan Feb 17 '10 at 12:41

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