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If i have, say, youtube tab opened and if a click on some of the related videos (while it's still playing) firefox terminates. The same if I open youtube on one tab and myspace on another - firefox just shuts down.

I want to know why this happens, is it a bug and how can i fix it ? Thank you in advance.

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I have had this issue with some combinations of versions of flashplayer / firefox. A workaround is to use flashblock and explicitly turn on flash objects when you want to interact with them - this also speeds up page load, and makes firefox much more usable.

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What version of flash player are you using? Check your plugin status here for Firefox:


And see if that's the problem.

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OK, I think that may be a beta version. As the latest version I have on file is Go to www.ninite.com and grab an installer for the latest Flash and Flash(IE) and install them to see if that helps. –  Urda Feb 17 '10 at 20:16

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