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Everyday, the first time I start Safari, if I go to the history tab, I get the following message :


How can I stop Safari prompting this message and completely disable the webpages preview?

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Perhaps you could wipe out the preferences in ~/Library/Preferences/ and/or clear out the ~/Library/Safari folders and re-open Safari. I'd backup your bookmarks before trying the latter.

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Have you tried setting the preferences to "Empty Page"?

alt text

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Yes, both were already set to Empty. – Studer Feb 18 '10 at 19:32

I'm now a Mac pro but I searched a bit and found this:

Hope this will help!

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That's what I did sometimes ago, but I still have this annoying message … – Studer Feb 18 '10 at 0:42

Try clicking "Add previews now" to prevent the dialog from showing up in the future, and THEN follow the steps mentioned in @r0ca's link—making sure Safari is not running as you're doing so, since it'd likely overwrite those preferences when it quits.

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